Are you a cat lover or a dog person? Find out here!

Cats and dogs are, by far, the most popular pets in homes around the world. This is easy to understand since these animals have accompanied humans since the beginning of time, some worshiped as gods, others as helpful hunting partners. Nowadays, there’s a debate where both cats and dogs are put on the same scale to see which ones are most adorable, reliable and cute pet and most of people have clear preferences to one side or another, but if you’re reading this, then you must have some doubts, so keep reading and based on your personality, you will find if you’re a cat lover or a dog person.

If you love to be in company of someone, like to go on outdoor activities and have a nice tank of energy to be used, then you’re showing some affinity with the canines. Dogs are animals that are in the need of constant stimulation. They require fresh air, walks and open spaces in general such as gardens and parks are the best for them, so if you enjoy these kinds of environments, a dog might be a great partner.

Dogs are unlikely to enjoy loneliness; instead, they demand a lot of attention in form of daily walks, grooming, training and such. Even when dogs naturally click with all kinds of human beings they’re not going to feel well with absent masters with a demanding job that keeps them from home and sharing time together. Of course, there are countless dog breeds that suits most of lifestyles and they will be protective, faithful and always eager to play with you, if you share this attitudes and have some time and space, then you’re a dog person.

On the other hand, if you’re independent, enjoy loneliness, are always demanded by your job or any other activity and are comfortable with staying indoors, then you’re more likely to be a cat person. Cats are, in just a few words, low maintenance. They get along with being left alone for long journeys as long as they can be entertained, a thing that is far from impossible to achieve. If a cat has access to a litter box, food, water and some toys, they’ll be more than pleased on being left alone, of course they enjoy interaction, being playful with humans and many more.

Cats, as more independent pets require less space and attention, nevertheless, they’ll enjoy an occasional grooming and being taken care of by other person if their masters are far from home. If having a pet means having a relaxation partner, being affective and entertained with less effort, then you’re in the group of cat lovers.

Of course, when talking about cats and dogs, not everything has to be totally black or white, there are some grays as well where people have the same affection for both species and have make them live together without a problem. At this point, if you still can’t choose a side, you might be one of those!