How To Create A Toy For Cats

Cats are wonderful pets. Those tiny furry killers make our life a little more fun. We all enjoy to watch them on Youtube and social media, but actually owning a cat is a bit different. But before you decide to get a cat, there are a few thing you must know.

First of all, you need to prepare a head. A cat, as any living creature, has its own needs. You need to prepare your house and even your routine before bring it home. You need to keep in mind that you are adopting a cat, you cannot expect it to behave like a dog. This means that meanwhile a dog has to be walked and will play catch in the park; a cat will need playtime at home and time to practice its hunting skills.


Playtime is very important for a cat. The good news is that they will enjoy playing with absolutely everything. If something moves under a sheet or acts live a prey, your cat will go full hunting mode even if it’s only a ball of paper. The sky is the limit when it comes to toys, you just have to get creative and find out what does your cat like most.

Slowly you’ll realize that your home will become more cat friendly as the days go by. For example, cats need to scratch. They don’t want to ruin your furniture, scratching is a need for relieving stress and marking territory. The solution for this problem is actually very simple: get a scratching post, or even better, do it yourself! Scratching posts come in many sizes and forms and it is very easy to make your own. A simple piece of pvc pipe filled with some rocks and covered with rope can be a great option for your little kitten.

Keep in mind

Another good thing to keep in mind is that fur will be found everywhere. You have to know that your favorite sofa (or your bed) will be the best place to nap for your cat. It is comfy, warm and smells like you. Upholstery cleaner will become your best friend to keep your furniture clean and (almost) fur free.

And finally we have the litter box. This magic box will keep the poop away from your carpet. Make sure to place it somewhere where your cat feels comfortable using it and clean it once a day. Cats can be a little messy with the litter, but it is a small price to pay for a poop-less carpet.

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How to walk with your dog and have fun with it

Sometimes fulfilling the most basic personal chores becomes a titanic task for the simple fact of not being motivated enough to achieve them. Everyday things like walking our dog should not be a negative time of routine day but an opportunity to release the tension of our day to day and have a lot of fun. Today we will give you some tips to achieve it:

Go somewhere that brings you closer to nature, like a park or the zoo, especially if your dog spends most of his time indoors. Trees and grass will make you and your pet enjoy the ride changing your usual environment. Also, these places are incredible to play fetch or any other game your dog enjoys. Remember animals (no matter if domestic) needs to stretch their legs and have some fresh air, just like you!

Take a different route every day. This will keep your dog stay interested in you and the walk, and will make the walks an adventure for both of you. Not having the same walk every day will also help you concentrate your mind on planning your daily route, putting an extra effort will help you be present and have fun during your walks.

Set a goal for each walk, such as taking a picture of your pet in a special place or going to a place to fulfill another task (buy groceries or exercise). You can make it as fun as you want and include the walk before or after your main task: take your dog to a play date, ride your bike with your dog, let it plash in puddles after it rains (an activity that will make you think in a bath that can be fun as well), take it to dog friendly places like restaurants and stores or even take it to your office (if it is allowed, of course).

Ask someone to accompany you to walk your dog, so you share quality time with both of them and use commitment as a reason not to postpone the walk. Your pet is another member of the family, so it is only logic to include it in your family activities as well. Make the walks a part of some dates with your significant other (if you don’t have one, your dog can be a great wingman) or as a part of your outings with your children: your dog and you will have a blast!

Talk to other people who walk their dogs as well as you, you will make human and dog friends with whom to share the walks of your pet. Not being able to talk with your dog can make it a bit awkward for you, a problem you can solve having a conversation with other people (especially dog owners) to pass the time.

Use your dog’s walks as an emergency pump service for you and your pet, they’ll help you calibrate your energies and strengthen your relationship with your dog. Both of you deserve it!


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How to avoid overfeeding your pets

Tips on how to avoid overfeeding your pets

These are the most pampered members of the family. Our pets are great part of our lives and give us an incredible amount of joy that is a great plus to our health, and just as they care about our health in one way or another, we are responsible of taking care of theirs. Just like in humans, the base of a great health comes with a good feeding and this is the first thing we have to watch out since most problems in our pets have a base on overfeeding. Do you want to avoid doing so? Follow these tips.

First of all, you need to keep track on what are you feeding to your pet. This goes beyond the food your pet is intended to eat on a regular basis, you’ll need to include treats and scraps of human food if you’re including those in their diet. It’s important to keep track on the amounts of food you’re giving to them. This first step lets you see if you’re over-feeding them.

Now take a look at the package of food you’re giving them in order to control portions. Every can and bag of food comes with a portion suggestion based on how big your pets are (in weight). You need to keep in mind that these suggestions comes often in ranges, so if your pet is in the beginning of a specific range of weight, then use the beginning of the corresponding serving range. Also, use a measuring cup to be as exact as possible.

It comes the time to eliminate table scraps from your pets’ diet. Since human food is intended for humans, there are many oils and salts that can damage your pet’s health with gastric issues. Also, if you’re providing them the right amount of food according to the package suggestion, then table scraps are just additional calories and nutrients they actually don’t need.

Do you remember taking a peek to the food package to have a correct portion according to the weight of your pet? You have to do the same exact thing with the treats. Remember your pet is getting every necessary nutrient from the food and a proper portion, which means pet treats are a source of extra calories. See the maximum treats you should give your pets based on their weight, don’t treat them constantly and seek for low calories substitutes such as apple slices or homemade natural treats.

Last but not least, keep track of their weight. If you concluded that you overfed your pets, it’s time to see if those advices were helpful to make them lose some weight. Of course, if the main goal is helping your pets losing weight, ask for the help of your vet. They’re expert and they will assess you with all the information you need to know. Also they’ll help you control the unhappiness, hunger and begging from your pets.

Always take care of your loyal companions’ health. They are counting on you!


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cat lover or dog person

Are you a cat lover or a dog person? Find out here!

Cats and dogs are, by far, the most popular pets in homes around the world. This is easy to understand since these animals have accompanied humans since the beginning of time, some worshiped as gods, others as helpful hunting partners. Nowadays, there’s a debate where both cats and dogs are put on the same scale to see which ones are most adorable, reliable and cute pet and most of people have clear preferences to one side or another, but if you’re reading this, then you must have some doubts, so keep reading and based on your personality, you will find if you’re a cat lover or a dog person.

If you love to be in company of someone, like to go on outdoor activities and have a nice tank of energy to be used, then you’re showing some affinity with the canines. Dogs are animals that are in the need of constant stimulation. They require fresh air, walks and open spaces in general such as gardens and parks are the best for them, so if you enjoy these kinds of environments, a dog might be a great partner.

Dogs are unlikely to enjoy loneliness; instead, they demand a lot of attention in form of daily walks, grooming, training and such. Even when dogs naturally click with all kinds of human beings they’re not going to feel well with absent masters with a demanding job that keeps them from home and sharing time together. Of course, there are countless dog breeds that suits most of lifestyles and they will be protective, faithful and always eager to play with you, if you share this attitudes and have some time and space, then you’re a dog person.

On the other hand, if you’re independent, enjoy loneliness, are always demanded by your job or any other activity and are comfortable with staying indoors, then you’re more likely to be a cat person. Cats are, in just a few words, low maintenance. They get along with being left alone for long journeys as long as they can be entertained, a thing that is far from impossible to achieve. If a cat has access to a litter box, food, water and some toys, they’ll be more than pleased on being left alone, of course they enjoy interaction, being playful with humans and many more.

Cats, as more independent pets require less space and attention, nevertheless, they’ll enjoy an occasional grooming and being taken care of by other person if their masters are far from home. If having a pet means having a relaxation partner, being affective and entertained with less effort, then you’re in the group of cat lovers.

Of course, when talking about cats and dogs, not everything has to be totally black or white, there are some grays as well where people have the same affection for both species and have make them live together without a problem. At this point, if you still can’t choose a side, you might be one of those!


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Care tips for your dog

The beloved, brave and faithful dog is called the man’s best friend and with a very good reason, it is the pet for excellence, a noble animal very useful and lovely, dogs perform several works helping people, like pulling a sleigh, cop dogs, guide dogs for blind people or rescue dogs, in all these fields they have proved to be extremely valuable, they also give unconditional love to their humans so they are the perfect company for kids, who will be loved and ferociously protected by them.


Dogs are very intelligent and brave, they can understand a lot of instructions which makes them very trainable, they have a strong instinct of community as they are very social animals, they also have very developed senses which are used by people to teach them to perform several activities even to predict epileptic attacks in humans, they are also very athletic, curious, active and playful.


Care tips for your dog

Dogs needs some care to be happy and healthy, first of all, we need to be aware that they are dogs, not humans, so their needs are different from ours, here there are some care tips:


  • First, before acquire a dog as pet, we need  to decide which kind of dog we want, according to available space and money, the characteristics of the race, etc.
  • We also must to prepare our home for the new member of the family, for example, some home plants are toxic for dogs if they eat them, we must put those plants away from dog´s reach.
  • Naming your dog, the name is very important and should not be changed once it have been decided, choose short names and try to avoid names that may sound like orders or instructions to not confuse your dog, you need to identify it with a dog tag, chip, tattoo, etc.
  • Acquire all the supplies your dog may need, you and your are going to use some important things, like; dog collar, dog leash, harness, muzzle, bed, toys, plates for food and water, coat or clothes in case of cold weather, brush for fur and for teeth, dog kennel, etc.
  • Health, take your dog to vet regularly, be sure it has all its vaccines, give it the proper food and avoid food that may be toxic for dogs, some people give to dogs the same food they eat, but dogs aren’t humans and many human food is toxic for them, also give him the right amount of food to avoid problems with weight that may affect their health.
  • Training your dog, it is a rewarding activity and you must be firm and teach them discipline with love, you can also hire an expert to help you to train it.
  • Grooming, this is a very important aspect of your pet’s life, you must take care of its skin, fur, nails, teeth, ears, eyes, etc., and use the proper product for your dog, you may hire a professional too.


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