Common Mistakes Of Wedding Planning by wrong wedding planner.

When planning a wedding, there are a couple of things that have to be done first to ensure that you will never have to backtrack. There is nothing worse than having to change plans that have already been made or negotiated when you are planning a wedding because you forgot one or more of these first five steps.

The All Important List
The very first thing that you have to do is make a list of what you want from your wedding. Do not believe for a second that it is the only one you will make. Your very first list will be a generalization of what you want. As you go along, your goals will become more refined, and you will have to remake your list. You will also find that the main components of your first list will need a list of their very own so if you grabbed one sheet of paper, wad it up, and grab a big notebook instead. Better yet, if you do not have one already, invest in a laptop computer.

Don’t Even Go There
Unless you are a super-sonic, mega-monster organizer and a meticulously clear thinker, do not assume you can plan your wedding without help. Nine times out of ten, it cannot be done. Look into hiring a wedding planner. Even if you have already bragged about how well you could do it and that you do not need a wedding planner to create your wedding, bite your lip, swallow that pride, and start your interviews. You will be so much better off having someone you trust and has seen it all before than to blindly go in and spend more money that you can imagine. Do not worry about the cost; a great wedding planner pays for him or her self after the first deal or two of your wedding planning cards.

Location, Theme, Location
These are categorized together because of their close relationship to each other. Let’s say you plan to have chicken as your reception meal and go with a set choice of colors. You hire a caterer and a good wedding designer, and you are off to the races. Then, you find a great location and find out that they supply the food and offer decorating services as part of a package deal. Stop here and see if you can guess what you just lost. If you said non-refundable deposit, you guessed correctly. Get yourself a cookie. Changing themes after the fact can be a pain in the neck so find a good solid theme right off the bat and stick with it. If you order Twilight party favors and Twilight party supplies and then decide to do a beach theme, you will have a hard time returning the merchandise.

Return to Go
If you have not made a guest-list and you have already looked at location and food catering, head back to go and lose a turn. I do not care how many guests you think you are going to have, add 25 because if you have remembered every single person you want to invite and then also figured out who is bringing an uninvited date, you should open up a stand at the carnival and start making money as a mind reader and fortuneteller.

Go Back Three Steps
As with anything in this life worth doing, this is worth doing right so you might as well do it right the first time, which is why we come back to the wedding planner. I cannot emphasize enough how important this step is. The interview is the word of the day. Speak to several before you make up your mind and do not be afraid to call the references and find out a little about the person you are trusting with the most important day of your life.