How to Deal With a Pest Problem Yourself


Pests are everywhere. In a home setup, they are typically found in the kitchen, basement, and the garage and sometimes in the bathroom. In fact, it is somewhat difficult to make your home completely pest free forever. At one point or another, you run into a pest problem that you’ll have to deal with. Some pests may be a nuisance to the extent that you want out of your home. Other pests can cause health and safety problems. This is why you should determine the best plan of action to control and exterminate pests before they probably ruin your life. Getting a pest control company is not always the best bet to eliminate pests. Many of the methods professionals use do not even involve chemical and are something you can effortlessly do all by yourself. In this article, we’ll discuss how to deal with a pest problem yourself.

Prevent Infestation

With pest infestation, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This age-old adage is best suited when it comes to pest control. The earlier you take care of the problem with Redding exterminators, the better it is. The first order of business is to block up holes in the floorboards, skirting boards, roof, and brickwork to prevent squirrels, mice, and rats from getting into your home. Regularly clean up the places that are likely to be infested, especially the kitchen, surfaces, and floors. Put rubbish out in sealed bins or bags and store food in sealed containers, as uncovered food may attract pests and vermin. If in case you have a specific pest, try to use a cleaner with a smell that will help repel them. Generally, citrus-scented cleaners work well against a wide variety of pests. Cleaning often eliminates virtually all reasons for pests being at your premises.

Deal With the Pest Problem from the Source

If annoying pests are already waging war against your home, then it’s time to strike back with effective pest-fighting strategies. If you fail to fix the problem that allowed the pests to enter your home in the first place, rest assured that your efforts to get rid of pests will be in vain. Check seals around your house for gaps that may have allowed the pests into the house. Sometimes, a little caulk is all you need to seal up the breach and prevent another pest infestation. Gaps around doors, windows, attic and crawl spaces are a good first place to start. Check for an overabundance of soil levels around your house; this may hold in moisture and become ideal home to pests. Cut back any shrubbery, and clear firewood and other items up against your house; items touching or close to your house could be the source of your pest problem. Finally, buy, bait and set lots of traps. For instance, anywhere you see mouse droppings is a prime place to set traps.

The Bottom Line

As a rule of thumb, don’t bite more than you can chew. In some extreme cases, a serious pest infestation may require professional treatment with some high potency insecticide. Be sure to call an exterminator to handle a pest control problem that you think can be overwhelming.