Grocery Bags

Grocery bags are the most important part of the grocery stores where you will find a wide range of bags made up of different materials in plain and vibrant colors, some of them having print and logo on them and few of them with a plan color. The grocery stores mostly use cheap bags to handle the grocery of customers.


Plastic bags are the cheapest bags to carry the grocery items, but according to healthcare and environmental care agencies, these plastic bags are not safe to carry the grocery items as they contain microbes as well as they pollute the environment.


Most of the times brown paper bags are used to carry the grocery items. These grocery bags are made up of paper pulp by cutting down the trees these bags are proceeded into the bags and sent to different grocery stores.


Most of the stores use plastic bags while the others choose the brown paper bags. These plastic bags are not charged for any customer, but few fancy gift pack bags cost few dollars. Most of the best stores use paper bags for their customers due to notorious nature of plastic bags they have been avoided.


But most of the grocery stores use these polyethylene bags usually. These are cheap as compare to the paper bags.


Types of Printed Tote Bags:

There are propylene bags mostly found in grocery stores. This is a form of polyethylene, but they are made to look like cloth bags. These are most popular and economical. They are strong and might to carry sufficient load which can be stored to reuse later. These are mostly found in bright and eye catchy colors. These are recyclable bags.


The second most common bags are printed paper bags which are found in differing sizes and prints on them these are economical too. Mostly these bags are found in food grocery stores.

Cotton bags are found with many designs, prints, and colors which are the best option to re-use bags again. These can be washed and reused again. These bags cost few dollars due to the fabric and designing.


Laminated shopping bags are most common re-usable bags with vibrant colors and prints. These are laminated bags especially to avoid water. These can be reused[FSSPCD1] again. These bags are made up of polypropylene and are less expensive than cotton bags.


Natural bags are made from jute, bamboo, and hemp. These are hard to find but are one of the expensive bags found in the market. These materials are used to minimize the harsh chemicals and pesticides and which use less water to grow. These materials are often mixed with cotton and propylene. These are reusable bags but are the most expensive ones amongst the available grocery bags.



While the printed bags on demand cost enough amount, one has to pay more for colors and prints. These high design bags cost a lot of money because it uses full heat to print the colored graphics on it.


All of the color printed grocery bags are quite expensive because they charge extra money for all color prints and graphics on the bag. While the plan bags do not cost that much money. The polyethylene bag prints don’t cost too much money, but the print on cotton, jute, or paper bags costs enough budget.