How Humane Society Work From Personal Experience

Rescuing a pet can be a very rewarding experience for both the organization providing the adoption and for the adopter. Most people are unaware that 25% of the pet population in Humane Societies and shelters are purebred and 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year.

I did something new of late that I had been putting off for some time. I took a tour of our County animal adoption center. You see, being the devoted and loyal animal lover that I am, I could not bear to go and see our lost or sadly given up animals that are eagerly waiting for their new forever homes. I allowed my mind to create images that frankly I did not feel comfortable with and though through the years I have given in several other ways of support, I never made the trip to see how our Humane Society works.

Reluctantly I got out of my car and slowly headed toward the door. Immediately upon entering the building, my whole attitude did an abrupt about face. What I saw was something of a great wonder. A cheery face greeted me as I announced myself and waited for my tour to begin. To the left was a big window with an open room with several cats roaming around or lounging on one of the many hammocks or perches. Cats with actual rooms to roam in an adoption center? A marketing tactic I assumed. Again, I was wrong. As I strolled through the facility around every turn, I was amazed at what I saw. More cats in more rooms are enjoying the same benefits of moving around freely in their cat like aloofness, it was almost just like in the Posts by Wayne Pacelle.

Outside were large play yards with happy, tail wagging dogs that romped in the sunshine and greeted us. On nice days every dog gets the opportunity to enjoy his or her chance to run and play and just be a dog. As we passed through the kennels, which are indoor/outdoor, every little face was bright with the excitement of what the future holds. Not one sad face did I see anywhere. Every animal there feels the love; safety and dedication to everyone who faithfully contributes through time or funding to make this incredible place a reality.

Did I mention the quarantine area for cats that come in sick and have the wonderful opportunity to become well and again be someone’s treasured pet? In fact, there is even a special emergency fund that pays for extraordinary medical care for pets that would otherwise not make it.

I left the adoption center happy and full of hope of what is yet to come. Driving home, through the country, back to my family of pets I was over come with gratitude. I am proud beyond words, of our community. It takes special people to create and share such a vision and to extend so much love and care to our four legged friends.

I encourage you to go out to your center, take a tour, become involved. Every Humane Society can be this great if you just take action. If you do, my guess is your heart like mine, will overflow.