How to tell if your furnace needs repair

A furnace is a device used for high-temperature heating. Almost every U.S. and Canadian home is heated with either furnaces or boilers. The role of the furnace is to heat air and distribute the heated air through the house.

Furnaces and boilers can be repaired to increase their efficiency and functionality. The repairing improves the safety and efficiency of the furnace. If you cannot get it repaired with Calgary furnace repair, then it is always better to replace it with most energy-efficient heating technologies available.

There are some ways and indications to check if the furnace in your home requires being repaired.

1. The life expectancy of a furnace is around 12 to 15 years. As the furnace starts getting old, it starts requiring repairing from time to time to maintain its efficiency.

2. The leakage of gas and water is a very clear indication that the furnace needs to be repaired. The leakage is very dangerous and needs to be addressed quickly if we want our house to stay warm. We can easily check this problem by checking for water pooling near or under the furnace.

3. It is very important to make a record of the last time the furnace was checked and serviced by the HVAC technician. If the period has been a year or more then annual maintenance or repairing is due. At the very least the filter will be needed to be replaced on a monthly basis Always make it a habit to get it done.

4. The color of the flame is a very strong indicator. The burner-flame should be-a bright-blue color. The warning or the indication sign is a flickering or yellowish looking flame. This indicates that the-gas is not-burning completely. It is-also an-indicator that the furnace may be-producing a higher-than normal-level of carbon monoxide.

5. It has to get repaired if we see any warning signs-of carbon monoxide.These signs can be like lack of-strong upward draft in the chimney, excessive moisture-on exterior-windows & walls, visible-signs of water-pooling at the-base of the chimney or flue pipe, visible-signs of -just on the vent pipe.

6. It is very important to have a check on the time used by the furnace to get started. The furnace which needs repairing has a hard-time getting started. The repairing could include replacing wiring that-has become faulty, replacing the thermostat wire.

7. A weird noise is from the furnace is the most strong indication that the furnace needs to be repaired. The sound can be a thump, scrape, or a bang. If we hear the furnace kicking on and off repeatedly, this likely indicates that it’s over cycling which means it is running more often than it should be.

8. Noticing areas within the home which are constantly cold shows that the furnace is not doing-its job properly.

9. If you notice any health related symptoms like dry skin, asthma and much more skin and respiratory related problems then, it is-time to consider repairing of the furnace.